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What is the best way to enhance conventional prints or posters? Light boxes make graphics, images, and advertisements come alive! Illuminated display frames transform ordinary promotions into eye-catching, visual presentations. By using LED and fluorescent lighting technology, these light boxes offer a new and exciting way to get the attention of passersby and prospective customers. The photography display systems are commonly seen throughout retail environments, shopping malls, art galleries, airports, and banks, as well as educational & entertainment venues. These premium light boxes for merchandising are sold in a plethora of styles, sizes, and colors. Choose from backlit and edgelit enclosures. Or, order a light box that features slim acrylic framing. There are variations for every purpose! These light boxes, sometimes compared to light therapy solutions, are effective for promoting retail merchandise, menu selections, POP offers, and more. They are even used as a way to highlight floor plans and other directional information. Take a look at each style to discover the most practical choice for your application.

What makes a light box so useful?
    Light Box
  • When basic posters just aren’t doing the trick, adding illumination can be the perfect solution for getting more exposure.
  • Each lightbox display is constructed from tough-wearing yet lightweight materials not only to protect important prints, but also to incorporate contemporary style into any atmosphere.
  • All of the neon frames for poster inserts are standardized for common dimensions, so exact fits are attained with ease. This way, promotions always look organized and professional.
  • Every graphics display panel is powered by energy-efficient hardware to ensure low electrical bills. Only the latest technology is integrated to lessen the ecological footprint of the illuminated fixtures.
  • Evenly distributed illumination is a standard trait of these backlit posters and edgelit enclosures. As a result, graphics are not oversaturated with hot or cold spots.
  • Wholesale prices are also available for every model, although there are a number of different qualities to choose from, including economy and deluxe designs. That way, there is an option for every budget!

There is a wide selection of lightbox systems to pick from, and each varies based on specifications, bulb type, and finish. For those looking to make a massive impact, large format lightboxes that feature functional snap frame boxes with traditional T5 light bulbs are available. These illuminated frames are especially great for transportation terminals, sports stadiums, and public buildings because of their radiance and size. There are other upscale models that are perfect for displaying photography at a gallery or even movie posters at home. A selection of floor-standing units helps those with lobby and foyer areas properly inform entering guests and patrons. At this point, you must be asking yourself, “what other types could there possibly be?” Well, outdoor lightbox displays are one of our specialties. When advertising inside is not panning out, take your promotional graphics outside for more time in the limelight. LED message signs are very popular, as the stock text applies to all kinds of businesses and establishments. Whether you need to showcase custom printed posters or you want to broadcast a universal message, there are lightbox signs that will work. Our company even supplies customized backlit posters, which facilitates convenient, one-stop shopping.

What should a potential buyer consider before purchasing a lightbox?
    Lightbox for Photography
  • First of all, if you are in search of light therapy boxes to aid with seasonal affective disorder, you are in the wrong place. Only professional-grade advertising lightboxes are for sale on this website.
  • With that being said, there are a number of aspects to weigh and understand prior to buying backlit holders for graphics, like how they work as well as the cost, installation, and features.
  • As mentioned briefly above, both fluorescent and LED-powered models are available. LED designs typically have higher initial price tags but will last much longer than their neon counterparts. In addition, they can help conserve more money by consuming less energy. Fluorescent styles are great for larger displays, as they feature slightly brighter illumination. Read each product description carefully for the pros and cons. Then, examine your intended poster and its size to make a sound judgment between the two versions.
  • Although lightbox displays are a bit more expensive than traditional frames for posters, our inventory is designed to supply a functional yet affordable option for every interested advertiser.
  • Most of the configurations are engineered for wall mounting; however, there are countertop, floor-standing, and ceiling suspended illuminated panels.
  • The individual features vary from unit to unit, so take a gander at all of them to locate the one with the options you need.
Light Therapy Graphics Display

Peruse the entire assortment of categories to see each backlit poster system, illuminated graphics panel, floorstanding frame for promotions (not light therapy), window hanging LED message sign, and lighted enclosure for outdoor use. There is a multitude of sizes for the edgelit photography presentation equipment, which will suit every use. The collection is so vast that it also includes thin acrylic LED lightboxes, neon swing-open lightbox units, scrolling display systems for images, and other large format T5 models. Cruise through the best selling category to see what materials others buy. Or, view overstock sale items to get more bang for your buck. The silver deluxe light systems are especially popular. If you are unsure of any information or selections in the catalog, contact a customer service representative by dialing 1-800-572-2194 from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST on Friday. For those that prefer E-correspondence, just click on the "live chat" link. This icon opens an instant messaging window for quick answers. If you are unavailable during business hours, simply send your inquiry as an Email. We will respond as quickly as we can once we have returned to the office the following business day. Take advantage of same-day shipping on many in-stock LED lightboxes when you order by 1pm EST, M-F! Reinvent the way you and your customers interact by implementing a high quality illuminated lightbox assembly! Choose for the largest display warehouse, hacker-safe online shopping, and orders that ship fast!

 Large Illuminated DirectoryProduct Spotlight: Large Illuminated Directory

September 7th, 2012

This large illuminated directory stand is the perfect item for displaying in a large shopping center, airport, hospital, as well as a college campus. These light up stands assist people when finding their way. Each silver large illuminated directory is made of high quality materials to last a long time even in high traffic areas. In addition to directories these stands can hold advertisements, welcome information, and much more. The light up design will attract patrons from across a busy room. Each large illuminated directory stand will hold a 36”w x 24” poster. Translucent posters are highly recommended for the best lighting effects. The graphics will sit securely between two acrylic plates. The clear panels will keep the signage looking sharper longer.

This large illuminated directory stand uses LED technology which is longer lasting and cheaper to run in comparison to T5 and fluorescent bulbs. The low cost and long life does not mean anything in terms of brightness, these stands are very bright. Buy an LED light box for advertisements in your business now. These displays are available on this site in different sizes, styles, and colors. These stands will ship fast when in stock.

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Use a Write-On LED Sign today to utilize the latest in technology in your advertising!

 Write-On LightboxProduct Spotlight: Write-On Lightbox

September 4th, 2012

This write-on lightbox is a great marketing tool for any business. The writeable messages can be updated hourly, daily, or weekly. Each write-on lightbox uses LED technology with thirteen illumination effects. Users can write on these boards with neon colored dry/wet-erase markers or liquid chalk [sold separately]. Bright colors give the best effects and really attract the most attention. Each write-on lightbox can be wiped clean easily with water and the included non-abrasive towel. This illuminated sign features edge-lit technology which spreads the light evenly across the sign. The design of the lights on this flashing message board prevents any "hot" or "cold" spots from appearing on the sign.

Although there are several other types of light boxes on the market most of them require the customers to purchase translucent posters which can be costly. There are also plain write-on boards, but they are no nearly as eye-catching. This illuminated sign comes with all the hanging hardware needed for ceiling suspension or wall mounting. Users can showcase this sign virtually anywhere and with the 142-1/2" long power cord, they can be placed away from the wall or off the floor and still able to reach an outlet. This illuminated message board can be displayed in vertically or horizontally to accommodate any designs.

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Use a Write-On LED Sign today to utilize the latest in technology in your advertising!

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